Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who's to blame?

I aksed for a feeling

He gave me love

I converted it into pain

And now, I blame him.

I asked for a kiss,

He gave me one on my lips

I converted it into a peck,

And now, I blame him.

I asked for money,

And he gave me a 100 dollars

I converted into Rs 5000

And now, I blame him

I asked for peace,

And he gave me a hug,

I converted it into violence,

And now, I blame him

But I asked for trust,

And he gave me lies,

I converted that into doubt,

And now, I blame him

But I asked for assurance,

And he didn't say a thing

I converted that into indifference

And now, I blame myself


Sushant said...


As always there is certain parts of it which are amazing to read
it actually starts as a narrative a bit
but i personally loved the ending

The misunderstanding between action words and deductions from it is very well narrated...
Love the use of contrasting images like peace hug and violence

its just a bit contrite and looks forced sometimes

but i like the end coz now it seems you know silence can be reassuring !

workhard said...

Hey i really like the poem.. I could never write like that.. Keep up the good work..

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Nizar said...

Heyo........ itz so good to read ur emotions again :)

Juz keep going on