Friday, June 5, 2009

The Knew's and do's

Was it the truth wrapped in the lies
Or the lies wrapped in the truth?
Are you an actor by choice
Or a player by pursuit?

If I am not surprised, why am I in tears?
If I knew it all along, why did I believe your words?

Why did I give it a chance to last,
when I knew that you'd be a thing of the past?
Why did I give my all to you,
when I never really believed you?
Why did I let myself go,
when I always knew you'd want more?
Why did I go through the ridicule,
when I knew it would be over soon?
Why did I get flattered by the praise,
when I knew you'd vanish without a trace?
Why did I find you worthy of my love,
when I knew its the love you dont deserve?


workhard said...

AWWWW.. you seem to be hurt by someone whom u loved.. but i hope its only a poem and not reality..

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Sabah said...

its sadly, reality :)

workhard said...

Im sorry to hear that girl.. but me too been through the same thing.. it took me along time and i havent got out of it yet.. i hope u feel better..

Dare Devil Scriptures said...

Nice work...
but I hope you are not bound to thoughts ...
Pain does bring the best of creations...but later on ...when you look when you come to know much you have burnt yourself

Shahina said...

Seems like its my story...u kno wen v reflect in our past v feel dat how stupid v were n used 2 ignore d reality n nw regrettin...

Extravanza said...

I guess you wouldnt have known otherwise...

Even if its sad, its surely an experience that you got when u didnt get what you wanted.. Life always gives another chance...

I love the way you write... its so deep, true and straight from the heart.