Thursday, September 25, 2014

In Style...

It's new, this feeling
A surge of surrender
I cant fight it no more
I am not under-cover

Transactional, that defines it
Though you may never agree
All's done, All's said
Doesn't matter how we feel

It turned into a whole,
the tiny bits we gathered
It's turning to bits now
The whole is replaced, unmattered

Six years is a bit too short,
For me to hold on
A lifetime wouldn't be enough but,
Six years would be a bit too long

I'll wait if you want,
And let you keep me for a while,
Let us run out of words to say,
And let it end in style.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Restless, deranged, unoccupied
Any conversation denied
It has finally come to this
And I wonder what to do with it

Wrinkles, here and there
Not 21, there's wear and tear
Is that why it's all falling apart?
I know how it'll end, but where did it start?

Devoid, Empty, Startled, Anxious
Staring at you through my green glasses
Cant understand if you're feeling the same
Don't know if our pain is the same

Running out of words to say
Wings are slashed, legs are giving away
Where is my leash, where is my freedom?
Where is my insanity, where is my kingdom?

Happiness, love, independence, strength
All borrowed from somebody else
Now slipping into a depth-less maze,
Oh what a grand mess your love has made!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I finally mastered the art of endurance
And now, endurance is my master
What a pity, what a shame!
What am I really after?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Have you?

Have you ever known someone who can...

drive you mad,
leave you senseless,
feed you nonsense,
take you for the rockiest ride of your life,
turn your life inside out,
suck out every atom of energy in you,
make your heart beat a thousand times faster,
make you feel like a murderer,
make you feel worthless and insecure,
kill your confidence,
kill your emotions,
kill who you are,
kill who you used to be,
piss you off with incredible ease,
make you cry for no reason,
make you laugh with restraint and fear,
make you consider every word you speak,
make you bleed literally,
make you bleed figuratively,
take you for granted,
make fun of you,
ridicule you,
trample on your sincere emotions,
judge you in every possible way,
shake up your very insides,
cause havoc in your life and then
conveniently blame you for everything?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Turn the page

(These four lines are dedicated to my blog's title! I randomly assigned a title to my blog years back.. and now it's all starting to make more sense than what it did before.. I realise now, how important it is to "turn the page" )

Been too long, in this cage,
Seen too much, for my age
It even has a color now, this rage
It’s time to turn the page...