Thursday, June 4, 2009

Are you alone?

I saw a man who looked just like you,
When you will be around 52.
He had a heavy wallet, I could see.
As he was binging on chicken and paneer.

He still looked handsome, despite the age,
Just a few wrinkles here and there.
He seemed to be lost in his own world,
As he requested the waiter for some more curd.

He noticed me noticing him,
And didn't take his eyes off me till I did.
He stood up and prepared to leave,
I couldn't help but notice his lean body.

And as I sipped on my cutting chai,
And stared at the strangers passing by,
His gaze met mine for a long moment,
And something made me shiver within.

He had a cell phone and he had a car,
I guessed he would be heading straight for the bar.
And as he lit his cigarette, he walked towards me,
And said " Lady, would you please stop staring at me?"

Embarrassed by the question, I paid my bill,
Waiting for the change, I had some minutes to kill.
I told him that I was sorry
But he stood there, waiting for me to complete.

I replied, "I couldn't help but notice you around,
Your face has such a charm!
But despite your piercing gaze, you are forlorn,
You my friend, are alone.."

I walked out leaving nothing unsaid,
I walked faster, increasing my pace.
And as I waited silently in the ticket queue,
I realised I was alone too.

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workhard said...

Very vell written narrative...

the message of your poems is pretty good. will return to read more...

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