Tuesday, March 2, 2010

(this one has been written for two people, one not known to me.. its for those two who have cursed the harshness of nature and yet, appreciated and accepted it.. its for those two people and they will never know)

The passion was ignited,
Two rough outers met,
Saw through the prism of stone,
His universal curse of being alone.

Storms, the flame withstood,
Fireflies died in the name of love,
The flame burned with a vengeance profound,
The sparks raised questions abound.

Incessantly proud was the candle,
For she had nurtured the flame,
The winds and the waters,
Only had excuses to fail.

The outers turned rougher,
As now, they had turned their backs,
No, the flame didn't burn out,
The candle ran out of wax.


Rehan Damani said...

Wow. I can easily connect it with the emotion/passion of Love!. Love should be like that, flame shouldn't burn out even if the wax ends.

Sabah said...

thank you sunshine! just got ur text! glad ur following my blogs!!!! ill write more :)

Sushant said...

Very strangely this is like Pakizah or Umrao the old one

Love remains even after the soul purpose of its existence (normally which is lovers union ) is gone with the physical death of one or both lovers. So flame remains even after all the tests, obstacles and even loss of the actual perpetrators of it (lovers). examples are foremost classic love stories which end in tragedy like Romeo/Juliet or love for your family members too

I am glad I read this one its very vivid and awesome
different in tone and style from your works

Good one :)