Thursday, March 4, 2010

(this post is especially dedicated to everyone.. ;)
I am stupid, I am amused
If I am not wrong,I am a fool
I am careless, I am last-moment
I pay no heed to my senses
I fall, I sleep,
I get up when necessary
I cry for hours, I snap out,
I have sulked enough
I dance alone in my room
I throw things that can be reused
I say things I dont mean
I live in a different century
I am selfish, I want more
I am dry, I am a bore
I nurture abandoned neurons
I am attracted to the thorns
I am disoriented in many ways,
Some me dies, some me stays


Rehan Damani said...

I'm still discovering you. Actually, You're just like your Blogspot's title "Random". That's a compliment don't worry lol

Just one ambiguity... You live in another century? I wanna know which? (so that I may shift myself into that :P)

Sabah said...

I live in the 18th century!! shift shift :P now!!!

Rehan Damani said...

Ohh that way I will have to just shift the century and we'll be in the same country, as Indo-Pak was one at that time :P

Then we can meet more easily you know, given that you know how to ride a horse :P

koulkings said... finaly you have gathered some words for yourself and i agree to the first line

Almighty's Guinea Pig !!! said...

Man! thanks for gathering my thots....i cud never put them in words....can i send this to u as a testimonial in orkut...changing all "I"s to "U"s.....

sushant said...

If I am not wrong,I am a fool
will be the name of my biography

I like the idea of dedicating it to everyone

and out of the cluster of random simple sentences full or contradictions i found a gem of thought that will be a random firefly in the darkness of my mind
... I nurture abandoned neurons

This rings true...
I am disoriented in many ways,
Some me dies, some me stays

`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· §ã£ said...

hey babes... i like this one the most.. cuz i knw this one suits u the most :P ... n keep writing.. u rock at it... :)

`·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· §ã£ said...
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