Sunday, February 7, 2010


I may not be the best person to write this text but in my gut, I think that this needed to be written by me. These are matters of the past that I ponder over and matters of the heart that remain innocent.
Is it really a thing of the past when a guy would kneel and propose with a ring in his hand to ask a girl, who he thinks will be his wife, to marry him? For what I know now is a gross contrast to the rosy images I have in my head. I would not be surprised to know that proposals are made in the middle (or probably towards the end) of an intense love making session where desires are heightened and matters of the heart are confused with matters of needs. Is it a thing of the past when relationships were valued, nurtured and protected? For what I know now is that casual sex is not considered to be adultery and kissing is an art to be practiced on many. I have studied the "availability heuristic" in psychology and though it represents something entirely different from what I am saying, it is still a good term to denote the thought ( I am not saying fact because I know many people would not agree ) that availability makes things easier and perhaps, more difficult in the long chase. Is it a thing of the past when marriages were made to work and relationships were desperately clung on to? For what I know now is that compromise is a non existent word in the dictionary and worrying about consequences is a thing of the past. If I type in "sex" in Google, I will be showered (!) with a thousand porn sites, claiming to provide me with a mate (male or female) right here, in Bombay. Is it really a thing of the past when trust meant something and love was everything? For what I know now is that the conscience is deeply buried and values are only for quoting.
What have I been reduced to? Am I really supposed to believe that there is a world out there that has not, in any point in time, beared the brunt of being a part of this generation? Or am I supposed to blindly seek refuge in fear? If I am a part of this society, I cannot be devoid of conditioning. If I am to love without a worry, the mind has to be free. If this is just one of
the products of my imagination, then I probably have no scope. But I only think what I see, hear and feel. It would only be natural for anyone to say that I could always alter my attitudes, my thinking and my perceptions but hardly do I have enough proof to convince myself that relationships today are symbolic of love, trust and respect for what I see, hear and hence know, is enough data to process the fact (!) that people are used like dump yards and sadly, sometimes, the garbage is never recycled.
The blame game doesn’t fit here. If I have to pull cords and connect the dots, the conclusion could be far from obvious since we all have a myriad of reasons for the things we choose to do. I am not in opposition, neither am I in favor of this culture that undermines humanity in its basic form. I am confused due to the complex thoughts that raid my mind when the society moves at a pace that is hard to keep up with. Maybe I am slow and the race is not for me for what f****d me over, evidently forgot to un-f*** me.


Rehan Damani said...
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Rehan Damani said...

I can really understand how you feel, as I'm facing similar feelings these days. Although I believe your thoughts will always be superior than me, but I just wanna share one thing which I feel:

Ideal relationship can't be achieved. As in this world, nothing ideal can be achieved. But we can always try to travel towards the ideal. If world tells you that everything today is fake, then just try to be pure (which I think u're already doing). This may give a re-birth to values.

By the way, it's always nice to read what you wrote. I feel this is the only way left for me to be connected with you. So keep writing :)

Sabah said...

its not the only way sunshine! its one of the ways.. and yes, "ideal" is a concept that can only be pursued.. like happiness! and i dont think im superior than u in anyway.. infact, ur stuff has more essence.. the kinda stuff that makes u think :) so keeep writing and ill read :)