Friday, March 26, 2010

I am in one of your thoughts
That seems to linger around
I am a tiny trace in your being
I am waiting to be found

I am but a fragment,
I am but a space
I am but a void
I am nothing of significance

I creep up when you don't remember
I get lost without a sound
I hide under the covers
I shelter beneath the crowd

I am the hope
I am the smile
I am the promise
You left behind

Yet, I am seeking you
Yet, I am waiting at your door
You never seem to bother
I am "all that and more"

Your pleasure is limited
Your pain, relentless
Yet you forget me
When your heart's not heavy

I will always wait for you
And willingly you will return
I will not ask questions
About things you have learnt

For even I know its hard,
And I am giving you my reward
You have already paid the price, my child
You nursed a broken heart..


Anonymous said...

i'm gonna ask you to look away. a broken life will never stay. tried too hard and i always lack. days are gray and the nights are black. wait for me.

Anonymous said...

Its what's on the right hand side of the '=' sign that matter and not the left :)

If the horse does not go to the water, let the water to go the horse.

Maybe everything will be perfect, Maybe it wont, Maybe the love's still there, Maybe its not, Maybe he ll never show, Maybe u ll never know.

Maybe = more than a 'negative' but just a tad less than a 'positive.

Turn the maybe into a definite 'yes',Go for the kill, You wont know what's on the other side until you don't 'turn the page'

Cheers, Keep writing. Maybe I ll keep reading, maybe I wont :)


Mr Unsigned

Sabah said...

Who is this?
Thanks for the comment.. I am trying to comprehend it.. maybe I am not :)

Anonymous said...

Who Am I ?

Remember the pages, Remember the plot,
Remember the sunshine, Remember the thought,
Try the puzzle, connect the dot.

Maybe you will, Maybe not

koulkings said...

hey sabah,
you know i m little bit dumb re(only lil bit),but i understood this one and i like it actually love it, i am great Fan or yours(sachi muchi). bas isi tarah keep writing and posting. good luck

Sabah said...

@koulkings..Thanks !!n i will keep writing when my mind stops running... @ annonymous... can you tell me now who you are? do i know you? c'mon.. whats the mystery for?

Anonymous said...

Do you know me ?

Turn the cycle, turn the clock,
Reply the tape, remember the knot,
Remember the wind, remember the spot,
Imagine the look, giggle at the thought,

Maybe the mystery is over, Maybe not :)

Rehan Damani said...

Background please? :P

Sabah said...

@sunshine: background? comments? i dont know myself!!
@annonymous: the mystery aint over since i still dont know who you are... and if i know you, it would be nice to see a name on my comments page..

Anonymous said...

You know me, atleast I think,
I know you, that I thought,

Life has moved on or has it not ?
You know the name or have you
forgot ?

If you can get the theme,
You ll get the plot,

I was a part of you, I think
You were a part me, that I thought,

You ll figure the cast,
I am sure you are around the dot !