Friday, July 16, 2010

Turn the page

(These four lines are dedicated to my blog's title! I randomly assigned a title to my blog years back.. and now it's all starting to make more sense than what it did before.. I realise now, how important it is to "turn the page" )

Been too long, in this cage,
Seen too much, for my age
It even has a color now, this rage
It’s time to turn the page...


Anonymous said...

Make yourself familiar with this page,
Who knows, what's the next stage,
The stone is different at every age,
Hope u don't have to turn another page :)

Un named, Un signed, Un wanted

Cheers !

Sabah said...


You do have a name
You do have a face
I know how you sign
You are wanted even as I type

The page is a gift
Something precious
I dont have to turn it
Hence, waiting at the exit :)

Anonymous said...

You are wanted even as I type :)

Me said...

pick up your crazy heart and give it one more try - coz this ain't no place for the weary kind.

Mysterious Boi said...

Have u stopped thinking ?
Have u stopped getting lost in day dreaming?
Have u not thought about thinking anymore ?
Cuz its the time now to pick up the pen and note it down so U can write a blog again :) I guess its been almost a year, U havent express anything in ur blog ....


REENA said...

nice blog... i like this

Anonymous said...

Been too absent from this page
learned so much from your silent phase
I imagine you now waiting backstage
flexing your wings for new skys to engage ;0

Come back soon