Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My "con"cepts

If anyone wishes to know me, the way I do or don't, you have to read this and maybe at some point in time, forget this.

I am a wanderer, but only in my mind. My thoughts take me to weird places which exist outside the realm of reality. My reality is full of fantasies. My reality constitutes nothing important except for a life that I resent and look forward to. I am blindly devoid of reason yet logic was my favourite subject. I am not cynical at heart but 99% of the times, I think something is going wrong. The remaining 1% of the times, I am simply confused.

I am never looking for more. I like to get things easy. I have never struggled enough, worked hard enough, loved enough, cared enough, studied enough and yes, laughed enough. I have cried enough, sulked enough, slept enough and fought enough. I am fascinated with the world and where it came from but I am lazy to ponder over matters that require me to delve into something that is unaccompanied by proof.

I am scared of failure and rejection. I am minus on confidence. I have a mind which waivers almost every alternate second. I don’t think life is a game. I think we all are players playing our own game in life. Hence, game is a subset of life. And life is a subset of existence and existence is a subset of eternity. Eternity is a subset of many eternities and these eternities may gradually perish but that's not my business.

If I love someone, it doesn’t matter if they love me or don’t. If I don’t love someone, it doesn’t matter if they do or don’t. My philosophy doesn’t work most of the times but it's still mine. I don’t like the concept of money, it ruins eventually. I don’t like the concept of religion, it conditions. I like the concept of time, it's always running out. I like the concept of God for maybe there is something divine in the world.


koulkings said...

very true

Srujal said...

You are good at 'con'ning

Will implement some of it

Nice to see you are still writing