Friday, May 15, 2009


A rebel by circumstance

A seeker by actions

A do-nothing by profession

A helper by opportunity

A child by choice

A pessimist by learnings

A victim by fate

An achiever by grades

A believer by conditioning

A confused soul by experience

A sage by thought

A woman by default

A lover at heart

I am a joy in myself,

But in pain I revel

For all the truths I seek

The lies are in me

For the peace that I search

The war is within me


Anonymous said...

Who was born in a house full of pain
Who was told what to do by the man
Who was fitted with collar and chain
Who was given a pat on the back
Who was breaking away from the pack
Who was only a stranger at home
Who was ground down in the end

Sabah said...

I am not quite sure what you mean "Annonymous".. Could you elaborate please?

Anonymous said...

it's just that your style of writing this poem had some resemblance to the technique used by roy harper in his song "the lords prayer" where he begins each line with "who" - which influenced pink floyd to write "dogs" - it's just a snippet from that song. thought i'd share it with you.

Sabah said...

Thanks for that but can I know who you are?

AltF said...

u have to know everything, don't u? it's me - i was just too lazy to sign in :)

Sabah said...

Ha ha.. you know I assumed as much! Kinda knew it would be you.. dont know why though :) Yes, I have to know everything that I can know.. but thanks for the lines.. I should listen to the song.. do you follow all my posts?

AltF said...

i must be so predictable :) anyways, you should listen to the song it's brilliant. and yes, i do follow all your posts :)

Sabah said...

I will listen to it... and ur not predictable, im just smart ;) jk!

Sabah said...
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Anonymous said...


I hope you keep in mind the last lines that you wrote i really liked this one for being meaningful and simple and rythemic at the same time

Sabah said...

Thank you Annonymous... May I know who you are???

roo"kie-run" said...

Good One this :)

Almighty's Guinea Pig !!! said... Shit Sabby..this is awesome...only that I felt in the first para may be a climax or an anticlimax in a proper fashion would have helped better....but as far as the feel of the poem goes...its just YOU...Its very rare that people can portray themselves as a poem :-)