Thursday, April 9, 2009


( From the Heart of every smoker )

My hand shivered
As I released the smoke
Tiny designs filled the air
The wind had some space to share

Love is like smoke,
It disappears into something
It calls its own

Hearts or cigarettes
Is there a difference to learn?
One releases the smoke
For the others' burns


Anoop said...

Awesomely Cool and meaningful and has a sense of reality in it

Dare Devil Scriptures said...

cant help writing without malice for I am just a little bit more human than people around me

& as far as this piece of work is concerned ...all I can say is that

Love doesnt let your hand shiver & Wind cant have just "some" space to share when we are smitten not by some one but by the feeling which remains so candour & content in itself that all it wants is the other person's happiness

Smoke some extent has some matter by definition but ends up being an illusion, whereas Love remains shapeless yet is stronger than the greatest altar of faith..

I am not a Cupid ..neither a messenger of Love but for sure I have met a soul who remains incandescent by what it feels from within me ...there isnt anything addictive for me than be a part of that light pool & lose myself in white

Cigs...I dont have anything against them but if there is better addiction I will opt for it ...& if I am to opt then why not the best on the list ...hmmm??

So it has to be Love...

Parth Dave said...

Hey, that's a beautiful poem. You have compared love and smoking in an amazing manner.

I just wanted to share a poem with you based on 'time'. There's a great poem in the following blog post:

workhard said...

Thats a nice poem.. nice comparison between love and smoke


mubin said...

Wah wah wah!!! Love is compared to cigarettes.

I completely .... how do I say this..... hmmmm.....

frantically shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smoke disappears into the already polluted air. TRUE love grows stronger, once you let go.

Smoke has nothing to call its own, even its so beloved smoker repels it once it is out... love on the other hand is soo powerful, that it is accepted back however far it goes, just got to be TRUE LOVE dear.

Hearts or cigarettes??? your crazy yaar! A true heart cannot ever be compared to a puff or a cigarette.

The similarities are that not only your hands but your whole system shivers when your in TRUE love.... and what an similarity that a cigarette as a companion will eventually kill you, and so will the unfound love!!!

TRUE love is absolutely rare to find, once you get it don't smoke it off, as you cant BUY another one!!!!

Nizar " Unshakeable Faith in Allah " said...

Very deep thinking which has a pain in expressing feelings,thinking, thoughts,message ...... keep going :)

Julez said...

Beautifully written...the comparison is just apt

mihir mulay said...

seconding 'Dare Devil Scriptures'... nice to see you writing poetries again!!!