Friday, April 3, 2009


One face, many expressions
One heart, many emotions
One mind, many thoughts
One goal, many routes
One God, many beliefs
One present, many choices
One past, many lessons
One future, many apprehensions
One decision, many doubts
One life, many paradoxes

Underestimating the power of One?
It stands alone to watch the fun
When you are done with counting, you start with one
Because it gets you to where you had begun


AltF said...

reminds me of metallica's one - "now the world is gone im just one"

roo"kie-run" said...

A Random Comment Here --

Ur posts reflect pain, innocence, love and many more !!

Way to go :)

Extravanza said...

woah! this one rocked

If I were to think of 1 as an individual i would say:

Nobody's daughter or son
Born first but remembered by none

sending wishes by ton
for you are the blessed one..

I have always enjoyed reading your blog for each entry has a deep meaning to it ... great work and keep writing...

workhard said...

That is just awesome.. i can never write poetry like that...