Friday, February 27, 2009

Love me and go away

I pulled it in and plugged it out
When he smiled, I began to shout
I didnt see the humour in the tears
My voice was lost somewhere in my fears

There is no current passing through my heart
I was immune from the very start
Its sad you didn't notice
That was only my accomplice

My desire is like a wave
It rises to fall again
The wave washes away so many like you
Escape my force now, wont you?

You see , I dont want you to beg or plead
I only want these lines for you to read
There is no point in you to stay
Please love me and then, go away...

( I could not be faking it all along, C'mon! You know I do, care, want, love, cherish. Anything would mean nothing when you come along, I'd erase to rewrite words again, C'mon, I love you, dont you know already? )


Mohammed Abubakr said...

Your words are very strange and does appears that they are written very randomly. However, keep compiling... the choas takes it's own shape.

workhard said...

Are you trying to say that u are not upset with the pain... or the pain doesnt hurt enough...


Sabah said...

The pain doesnt hurt enough... man, that was a good way to put it.. actually, both to some extent but more of the latter...