Wednesday, February 18, 2009


And then there was ice,
Looked as though
it was stoned to freeze
And as it melted,
down into the space
called nothingness
It broke into a hundred colours
unseen of
And the water,flowed rhythymically
Making no sound
For a moment,
it seemed to resemble,
frozen tears
that have broken free
of the misery
and seeked sweet release
And a hundred shades
did not suffice
to emote the feelings of the heart
or the mind
And then there was ice
that had seized to be itself
As it reluctantly melted away
only untill it froze again....


AltF said...


Sabah said...

Thanks :)

Mohammed Abubakr said...

Good stuff... keep up the spirits..

workhard said...

wow... ' broken free of the misery and seeked sweet release" thats my fav part..i think a lot of people would relate to that

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