Thursday, December 11, 2008

In my search

I searched for love,
And I saw it once in your eyes
I searched again
And I found it in the eyes of a child

I searched for hope
And I found it in your handwritten note
I searched again
And I found it in a quote

I searched for peace
And I found it in the words of a priest
I searched again
And I found it in the silence of my being

I searched for pleasure
And I found it in the smile of a stranger
I searched again
And I found it in the grasp of a lover

I searched for myself
And I found me in you
I searched again
And I found you in me too...~


narayanan said...

Nice way to express oneself. Great. Very easy flowing , intimate and expressive of deep thoughts and feelings. todd

Nizar said...

Hi Sabah, i really love d way u express oneself.

Sabah said...

Thank you :) Keep reading....

mubin said...

How romantic, hmmmmmm.....

Extravanza said...

Waah! amazing piece of art,

every stanza has so much meaning to it... M impressed. Keep up the good work and keep writing..

Nizar Tharuwala said...

well its my pleasure, friend. but when i left a messg in ur orkut scrap, u didnt reply me.
if u remember, we meet in deedar day, on 17th may.i was in black suit in a second row from ur volunteer duty.

Sabah said...

i am sorry bt i dont remember :(

money4u-NIZARTHARUWALA said...

Hi Sabah, well its ok if u dont remember me.thats luck matter,i visit several times to ur profile in orkut (Nizar Tharuwala)anyway dear keep posting ( if possible, be in touch ) tc.

Manize said...

Very good....simple...comes straight from the heart and reaches straight to the heart...