Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gone is forever...

Sometimes I forget that we are together
Sometimes in a day or a year, gone is forever
Many forevers came and many forevers went
None lasted, in the end

For forever I will not live and forever I will not love
For its neither through pain nor through pleasure
Either of them cannot last forever


Farah said...

oh for sure nothing lasts forever. The only thing constant is "CHANGE"

It reflects to my personality as well, many a times I take up something very enthusiastically... say for eg. blogging but then the momentum doesnt last forever. meet friends, stay in touch with them, life as it comes.. too many things happening to just keep a straight monotonous track and I guess thats the reason why nothing lasts forever.. too many things to get attracted, distracted towards and for sure new information to hook on and grow..

So if everything was to last forever we would not have grown.. does it mean that its good that they dont last forever?


Sabah said...

There is no point in thinking. I think its a waste of time. This is one of those I-dont-give-a-flying-fuck days for me. But I like what you have said. Forever is gone and done with...

Farah said...

yeah in a way you are right. Even I go through these phases where inefficiency is at it's peak. I guess we need those :)

Just informing - I have put up a link to your blog on mine.

Sabah said...

Well.. I wud love to do the same but I dont know how to.. since I cannot access your blog!!