Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What Love's not

I have realised that.........

Love isnt about sharing the same interests and passions
neither is it about "opposites attract"

Love isnt about security, marriage or children
neither is it about living in isolation

Love isnt about holding hands or sex
neither is it about not expressing through touch

Love isnt about being together
neither is it about being apart

Love isnt about being grateful or thankful
neither is it about being selfish or unnerved

Love isnt about maturity
neither is it about emotional outbursts

Love is not about explanations
neither is it about mutual understanding

Love isnt about long drives, fancy restaurants and flowery words
neither is it about not enjoying the little pleasures in life

But the more I know of what love's not
The more I keep forgetting what love is!

But I also believe that in order to know what "is"
One must first know what's "not"


Ashly said...

u dnt need 2 define Love, nor do u hv 2 analyse Love.I think Love just happens, so jus love without understanding wat Love is / wat Love is not.....

mubin said...

Rightly said Ashly,

You cant plan love, it just happens to any one with anyone.

Planning is just a samjhuta