Monday, September 1, 2008

Rock On!

The first word that would come to your mind after watching "Rock on" would be "rocking" since the movie is nothing short of that. You would probably wanna take guitar lessons if you are a guitar lover like me. A sensible movie, mainly revolving around 4 guys. Ok, I am not gonna give away the story line. I dont want people beating me up later or for that matter, not reading this! But I can give you some reasons to watch this movie on the Silver screen and not on DVD. Watch this movie for Farhan Akhtar. He is one guy who can carry a knitted hairband with amazing ease. Watch it for Arjun Rampal who can carry off waist length hair with even more ease. His irascibility would still, make you wanna love him because you can identify with each character. You will realise that you are or have been one of them at least once in your life.

The songs fit into the movie beautifully, and as hard as I try to think, I cannot come up with any flaws. Though in some cases, there are songs back to back, the melody and tune is so disparate and atypical that it stays with you long after you have left the cinema hall. There are songs that make you go "headbang" and then, there are songs that make you wanna bang your head. Rock on songs definitely fall into the former category.. This movie is made with passion and the actors have demonstrated that passion in their individual roles and obviously, done justice to their characters.

Ok, sorry guys but cannot resist this. There is a line in one of the songs in the movie ( kabhi khud pe hasa main, kabhi khud pe roya ). It might sound like an ordinary line but when Farhan sings it, it hits the right chords, in your heart. Behind all the drumming and guitaring, the lyrics of the songs make you realise that people are not infallible and we are all bound to make mistakes however, its never too late to correct them. If you are an ardent music lover, this movie is a must watch for you. There is nothing in the movie that might exasperate you or might make you want to pass any caustic remarks.

Prachi Desai is cute. I believe she has chosen a good role for her debut movie. Purab is one of the underrated actors in Bollywood. You can clearly see the transition in his role, from a callow, immature 22 year old to an assiduous employee. Luke Kenny has done a good job too. Its kind of funny to watch these 4 guys sitting in Army cafe at Elphinstine road, sipping on cutting chai. It only makes you think that they are ordinary people with extraordinary dreams. It makes you think you are one of them. It makes you want to value friendship. And lastly, it makes you fall in love with your passion, whatever it may be. For them, it was music and Magik ( the name of their band ).

My take on this movie is that it has everything a young music lover could want. Even if you are not a music lover, watch it for its intensity and subtle messages. All in all, rock on!!! ( zindagi milegi na dobaara....)


Farah said...

I loved the movie. its awesome.. made me feel good,exciting. Since we had gone with friends, Loved it even more.. Made us remember and recollect our times in school and college.

Hope you are having a great time too. Kyonki - Zindagi na mile dubara.. so! ROCK ON!

Farah said...

a must watch is "Jane ne Tu Ya Jane na"

Its a full mixture of what I would call "Fun filled Life"