Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ahhh.. women..!

Let me start by telling you what an Oxymoron is. According to the dictionary, An oxymoron (plural oxymorons or, more rarely, oxymora) is a figure of speech that combines two normally contradictory terms. How would one relate this to women? Simply complicated. Thats what they are. By the time they actually figure out what they want, either they have changed their mind ( again ) or its a little too late or they havent even realised that they have ( finally ) made up their minds. Since they are so complicated, it would be hard to categorise them since they all are weird ( uhh.. I mean different ) in their own ways. Lets consider a common example. You go to a club with your guy and his eyes are wandering, you know where. You are trying hard to get some attention,all in vain. A cute/hot/sexy/beautiful ( take any adjective, as long as she is a girl, you would be fuming !! ) bumps into him and goes "Oh, I am sorry... Its just so crowded in here..." and flashes that smile ( uhh, yet again, she maybe horrible but she bumped into your guy, how dare she!! ). And your fella smiles back and says " Oh its al right.. no problem!". (NO PROBLEM??!?!?! I have a problem!! Somebody ask me!!)

Al right, so now we discuss the different plausible ( alien word in a womens dictionary ) responses to this situation:

Girl 1: What the @#$% was that? ( 90 percent of the female population fits here, regardless of the age group )

Girl 2: She was kinda cute, wasn't she ? ( Awwww.. she is the insecure one.. A simple "I love you baby and you are the most beautiful girl present here...followed by a *hug, kiss, smooch, whatever! * and there she goes, All happy again until she encounters a similar situation )

Girl 3: She keeps quiet, has tears in her eyes and all of a sudden, without prior warning, either walks out on you or accuses you of cheating and uhhh, never mind

Girl 4: You bumped into her on purpose, didn't you? How much more are you gonna degrade yourself? What did I ever see in a loser like you? Mom was right! I should have never dated you!!

Girl 5: ( bumps into the next decent loking guy she finds just to get back ) Victory!!

Girl 6: She doesnt care, she doesnt have the time or doesnt find the need to react ( trust me, these species are almost extinct )

These were the possible reactions however, like I said, only plausible reasonable ones. Its hard to imagine how one girl, can love you and at the same time, make your life close to miserable. Whoever seeks to understand them will encounter failure at some point in time. The reason is simple. They themselves dont understand what makes them this way. Its strange actually. If we consider the situation mentioned above, you may also find that the reaction of girl #1 will be similar to that of girl # 6 in a similar situation and vice versa. I dont think this is a matter of ones mood or mind state. Its only whats in you that is reflected in your behaviour. If you know what you are and what you want, what should tick you off and what shouldn't, you'd be better at peace with yourself and accept yourself the way you are.

On a serious note, we all have inhibitions, insecurities and apprehensions and when we let them dominate us, we feel we are vulnerable and naive and the world is a bad place. We love, with the fear of losing and lose because we dont love completely and fully.

I probably deviated from the topic, I know ( I am a girl too!! ). The point is that you are only as simple or as complicated as you think you are. I know what you are thinking, heavy words, all gas. But honestly, give it a thought if nothing else. Why should you let someone or something dominate your life when it is your life and your choices and why should you dominate someone else's life when its theirs? I am not saying detach yourself, I am only saying that controlling things beyond a point will only worsen things. Relationships would not be such a drag if only you are true to yourself. Like Osho says, Ecstacy is in the very nature of human beings and when one is depressed, one is actually going against nature since it takes a lot of effort to be miserble.

If none of this helps, try alcohol. It sure helps!


sushant said...

read the post again girl
you have got a knack to handle words
good entry keep it up

Extravanza said...

woah! what a post..
LOL! well, I think I know women in a different perspective too.Trying alchohol will be the worst..

I noticed you started writing poems on love and what love's not and descriptions which are not of the Sabah I know of... so I realised I should understand you more than what I know of you.. Time changes all for the only thing constant is the change.. ehhe!