Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The dark side

Oh so you say that I am nice,
But you are not worth a dime,
Even if you were worth a million bucks,
You will never deserve my love.

If I divide the world into 2 categories,
You would be on the opposite side of the majority
You are different, you might say,
You are just an icing on the cake.

You are put up there for decoration,
Sure you deserve all the admiration,
You taste real bad though you look real good
Good front cover, though nothing interesting in your book

Dont tell me stories I dont want to hear,
When life is steady, you want to shift gears
You are an addiction to yourself,
And the damage will be done without your consent

Though you seem to have interesting theories,
Put up a smile and hide your worries,
Self-chosen pain and denial of a smile,
And you say I hide behind a facade of mine!

You look at the dark sky outside,
but you refuse to look at the stars shining bright
You only see the candle melt,
You cannot see the light it spreads..

My reality is your delusion,
My hallucination is your conviction,
And tomorrow when our worlds collide,
You will know what I have been trying to tell you all this while..

The seasons of my heart will change,
But your heart will only crave
As you shut behind so many doors,
Satisfied you will be, but only wanting more..


Ashly said...

Your rhyming and flow is getting better with every new post...... I really understood it in one go, so take it as a big compliment.This post is simple with deep hidden meaning...............

AltF said...

if that's meant for someone in particular... its gonna shake him up and make him feel soo uncomfortable

Sabah said...

yes it is meant for some people.. actually.. its like an amalgamation of many guys.. not just one.. hahahha.. sadistic as i may sound.. thats the whole absolute truth!

sushant said...

nice rhythm flowing throughout of this poem!!!!
The words are really precise and terse phrases make it a joy to read !!
Although the person it was meant for will feel the sting, reader can feel the pain and attitude behind the poem too!
Completely identifiable for me at least......