Friday, May 16, 2008

Conversation with Dad

Background: He was at home. I was at home. 2 wounded souls. Perfect time for a long meaningful chat. Turned out to be just the opposite.

Dad: What is true love according to you?
Me: What I feel for you. No other form of love exists.
Dad: So why do you carry your heart on your sleeve?
Me: That form of love is bullshit.
Dad: So why do you get yourself stuck all the time?
Me: Love is an alien concept. I will never know what it is. So, just trying to know more.
Dad: By breaking hearts and getting hurt yourself?
Me: Its worth the bargain.
Dad: What bargain?. Are you bartering your love in return for something? Thats not love.
Me: Exactly what I am telling you. True love is bullshit. It doesn't exist. Expectations are there, in every relationship. No escaping that. So we are loving with hope of getting love in return. It is when we dont expect anything in return that we are actually in love!
Dad: Oh Miss philosopher-in-the-making, Stop this nonsense. You are justifying aren't you?
Me: Totally.
Dad: Fairy-tale romance doesn't exist. Nobody is gonna come on a horse to sweep you off your feet.
Me: I prefer a Lamborgini anyway.
Dad: Expectations! Thats what I am talking about. How will you ever really love?
Me: How can I love when I dont know what it is?
Dad: Love is compromise and understanding and trust and...
Me: Alien concept dad!
Dad: Dont you love me?
Me: Totally. See I didn't have to even think. But if you are talking romantically, I will have to think. And thats what the problem is. In Khalil Gibrans words.. its when you give of yourself that you truly give...
Dad: So you haven't found anyone to love yet? What was it with all guys who came and left?
Me: That I assumed to be love, only to realise, in the end, that it wasn't. Love is something way beyond my understanding. It will take some imagination I think.
Dad: You are really crazy. You are too immature to fall in love.
Me: No. I am mature enough to know that I cannot love.
Dad: That was a good one. but still, maturity will come with age for you maybe. You wont understand if I tell you.
Me: Maturity should not be equated with age. It comes with experience. All the maturity you have right now, is because of the circumstances that you got into and your hair didn't turn white overnight..
Dad: Sure! Circumstances! But then when will you ever learn?
Me: Time. Best medicine. Best cure. Best healer. Best excuse too....!

( Silence )

Me: So dad, what is true love?
Dad: Bullshit.


mihirtronics said...

he he he...
poor dad!! u must have had a great time!

Sabah said...

hahahha yeah! sure did!!!

sushant said...

another nice one!!!!

mubin said...

Find harder you shall find
Also time shall make thy more mature