Monday, March 17, 2008


I was pulling a pair of socks,
from where it was being dried
I decided that if i dont get both at one go
there will be no second try

So I put all my energy and attention
and reached for it with all my might
Only to find out I barely touched it
For that moment, they were outta my sight..

Oh they looked so lovely,
freshly washed and clean
As i started thinking about its velvetty material
I could almost feel it hugging my feet

I turned back,
And put on a pair of old black socks
I wanted to reach for the clean white ones again
I wondered why i was so obssessed with the thought..

The black socks looked so worn out and old
almost as if they would tear apart..
While the new ones stared amusingly at me
I wondered why I dint give it a second chance..

So now I am wearing my old black socks
The comfort is almost the same
Atleast I tried reaching for the new white ones
but it wasnt a part of my fate.

As i related this story to my life, I can see that we all reach for the new white socks. Some try reaching once, some many times. Some give up. Some hold on.
I tried reaching for it too. But then went back to my comfort zone, my black socks.

At least they were there.
They had always been there.
As for the new white ones,
I can always get another pair...!!

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