Saturday, March 22, 2008


Sometimes I ask myself the craziest of questions and get the craziest of responses. Just yesterday I asked myself a crazy question.
What am i doing in this fake fake world?

Where am I to go after this? Am I a part of this illusion? Or am i here to clear the dust off the reality?
Yet again, I said to myself that reality itself is an illusion. So what is real anyway?
My being is real because I am alive. But what am I doing with my life? Let me ponder.
I am living an illusion, a life which is temporary. A life beyond my understanding. But who decides whats beyond my understanding? Am I the one to decide that? If not, who decides?

I dress myself up with the prettiest of clothes and accessories. I enter the fake fake world of being what I am not. I want to escape, I cant. Its society they say. You have to live in it.
Who made the society? Man. Who made the world? Speechless. I am a part of this world first and then I am a part of this fake fake society. So I want to get all my make up off and not put on any facade.
I want the starry nights to fascinate me and not the diamond ring on your finger. I want the the oceans to arouse my curosity and not your purse of pure leather.

I am a part of this beautiful world and no society can stop me from being what I want to be. As i start my search for myself, I question you my friend, if you are lost in this lost world, start questioning in wonder, and you will get your answers.......


mihirtronics said...

You are finding real real answers in this fake fake world.
The quest begins when you start feeling thirsty for questions, and u start in the quest for that river of knowledge... which keeps un-revealing ur life.....
and by the time you become 'One with Yourself', you reach the Ocean!!

yash_656 said...

Pondering the meaning of life has been done for millenia by great philosophers. In order to get on with ones daily life a certain amount of ignorance about such fundamental questions may be required. But at the very core we have to realise that such questions need to be thought upon even though they may not yield satisfactory answers. We can but think.


Infernal_King said...

u really are into ayn rand aren u?

Quintessential said...
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