Thursday, March 6, 2008

Network Problem!

I was coming back home from Pune,
a city very close to Bombay,
It was just a 4 hour drive,
and an experience of a life time!

Wherever I go,
My radio accompanies me,
Since music is my only saviour,
There is nothing more I would need..

As I reached Pune,
I searched for a radio channel
Besides 98.3,
There was none

The songs that I would never have listened to,
was my only choice then,
And surprisingly I was happy
Something is better than nothing

Sometimes they played my favorite songs,
Sometimes the ones I would have liked to miss
Realising it was not Bombay,
I knew I had to compromise a bit

With the headphone in my ears,
I was all set to leave
As the RJ's jabbered on...
Speaking a mix of Hindi and Marathi..

I reached midway in an hour,
Realising now I had options,
As I could hear 3 stations now
And I switched between them...

As I juggled between stations,
I missed a few of my favorites,
As I juggled even more,
I realised what I was missing..

As I reached Bombay,
I could hear my favorite songs,
Who cared about 98.3?
It wasn't even an option anymore

How conveniently I forgot 98.3
when I reached the city of my dreams

The reason I am writing this, is because I related this story to my life.
When we have no options, we are happy with what we have,
When we have options, we want nothing but the best.

As our mind juggles with the options, we start weighing pros n cons..
We want the best for ourselves, others can have the rest

The reason I wasnt happy with 98.3
is because I knew stations are so many

Sometimes I wish life had no options,
So we would learn to be happy with what we have
Sometimes I wish we didn't have to make choices,
So we would do all that we can

So if you guys have a 98.3
And if you are not happy
Think of it as the only option you have
Then it would not cease to make you happy...

And if you guys have a 98.3
And you are happy
The treasure of life is yours!
Because you are the lock and you are the key...


mihirtronics said...

Sabah, that reminded me of a book I had read long back: Teachings of the Bhagwad Gita..
I came across a chapter which stressed on happiness & sorrow. The essence was that, why do human beings become unhappy? why aren't other animals on earth unhappy?

The answer is that Man has choices... a choice to make everywhere among the many options. Animals dont have 'choice'.. the deer never has to make a choice whether it should eat grass or fruits.. like other animals, it has to live in its own set pattern.
So there is no question of choice and consequently no question of unhappiness.

Moral is that when you have a choice, you choose... thats where unhappiness arises from!

I diverted a way bit, but I believe it carries the same flavour your poem does!!

anoop_libra said...

Sabah yaar Pune is not that bad also :) thik hai yaar radio mirchi is thoda nahi bahut pakao... par thik hai naa we people in Pune always use Ipod and stuff who cares about radio mirchi and masala. Pune people are techies u mumbai people same old radio badhal jaoo bachaa badhal jao.
and as far as I know Mumbai people are paithyam (Revu is a gone case)