Wednesday, January 23, 2008

what a ride!

As I sat in his Auto,
I knew I could have walked faster
But i still stayed on
Thinkin maybe it will get better

As I stepped into his Auto,
A lady stepped out,
She said with a lot of conviction
that I would regret the ride for sure..

The curious side of me got the better of me
So I got in being indifferent
Realising on the way that he was a bit senile
But then, who isn't??

I realised midway,
that he forgot to change the meter
So i politely asked him to do it
He said he couldn't care less about the meter

Now this was a bit fishy,
As I was wondering if what the lady said was true,
He was well above 60
And he drove like his age too

A 5 min journey took me a generous 15 mins
But I was not filled with regret

I guided him with directions from time to time
but he insisted he knew the way
Then when i stopped doing that
He asked me to show him the way

On the way, he cribbed about the passengers
and how inhuman are they
So what if his auto was a bit slow?
they still reached where they wanted to, didn't they?

As i listened patiently to all his misery,
A smile spread on my face
I was actually enjoying the conversation,
and how people did not give him exact change

As i left the Auto,
I paid him exact change
He said, " how come you have exact change?"
I said I dont wanna worsen your day

With that, I left the Auto,
Filled with a weird feeling of curiosity..
I wondered at how weird the man was
But then I thought, We all are, aren't we?


mihirtronics said...

yes! wierd people that we ourselves are, we surely find wierdness in others!
good poetries sabah! will keep reading them..

pkutchhi said...

this auto was the best one sabah...
u write all these by urself??
man...too much ya
but very nice