Wednesday, January 23, 2008

makes me wonder....

It makes me wonder
when you say that you dont care
are you the same person?
what has caused the change?

you say you dont give chances,
But I'm afraid life has given you one
So you can argue with life now
How could life do that to you , hun?

You say you loved me,
But that is not true
Because if you did
We could have started anew.

We all live on chances
Given to us by others
We all live with hope
Thats the quality of a lover

But who a lover is,
How will you ever know?
For what is love without chances?
And there is no love without forgiveness

So next time in life
when someone gives you a chance
Remember that life is like that
Enjoy it while it lasts

For sometime you may meet someone like you
and you wont get any chances to start brand new
At that time you would realise
Without chances, You wouldn't get out alive...

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Jui Chitre said...

sabah..good u joined us here too..:)good one..keep blogging..