Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Destinies and Selves

All our lives,
We are searching for a destiny,
A place where we want to be.

Searching aimlessly
not knowing where to go
Blindly following

And in all the confusion,
of being what we are not
We lose our identities,

Trying to match up to others
Trying to make it
Not knowing why
Now knowing for what?

Let me give myself a chance,
to be what I am
To do what i want to

Let me give myself a try
To overcome my inhibitions
To know the real reason

Let me give others a chance
To be what they wanna be
To see it my way

I stand at a threshold now
Not knowing where to go

There is nothing in front of me
Not a destiny and not a road,
I see blackness

I see nothing behind me either
I see a road.
Carved by me

I see a route, a path
Which I have walked

I look back and smile,
with tears in my eyes

Thinkin of all I could have done
Thinkin of all i already did

Yet I have no regrets
Yet I feel complete

I look back wanting to go back
Change things I could have
Yet I wanna move forward,
And change things I still can

For now I see the road,
So clearly and defined.
But if i hadnt looked back
I would not have tried.

So I can see the road now,
Im sure destiny wont be that far,
For I will carve my own destiny
Be it with wounds and scars

The road there is difficult
Full of twists and turns..
for how will I realise the value of happiness
Without a few burns?


resilient said...

so u have added yet another feather to ur hat!! now ur "writer sabah :)"
good goin,u write well keep it up.

mihirtronics said...

poems I feel are more effective in expressing ur innermost philosophy than paragraphs do. Somehow I dunno why, but thats what I truly feel!!!