Saturday, March 2, 2013

Have you?

Have you ever known someone who can...

drive you mad,
leave you senseless,
feed you nonsense,
take you for the rockiest ride of your life,
turn your life inside out,
suck out every atom of energy in you,
make your heart beat a thousand times faster,
make you feel like a murderer,
make you feel worthless and insecure,
kill your confidence,
kill your emotions,
kill who you are,
kill who you used to be,
piss you off with incredible ease,
make you cry for no reason,
make you laugh with restraint and fear,
make you consider every word you speak,
make you bleed literally,
make you bleed figuratively,
take you for granted,
make fun of you,
ridicule you,
trample on your sincere emotions,
judge you in every possible way,
shake up your very insides,
cause havoc in your life and then
conveniently blame you for everything?


Rohan said...

Bhagwan tane satbudhi aape.

Sabah said...

Bhagwaan na paase time nathi che..
Ane maare paas time hi time che!

Rohan Lakhlani said...

"bhagwan ni paase time nathi" --> right Gujarati

"Ane Maari paase time aj time che" --> Some more right Gujarati

And the satbudhi jazz was just a Gujju phrase, I don't believe in any kind of supernatural hoopla

Chill out, sad hone se kisi ka bhala na hua hai na hoga. Dimaag ka hard disc format maar and restart

Sabah said...

I am a beginner. I am taking courses in Gujju! But I should get points for making an effort :)

And I guess I will have to take philosophy courses too to understand your "hard disc" formatting (not that I even have a hard disc ;)

Rohan said...

*Claps* for the effort and not being sarcastic how much ever it would sound that way ! :D

Courses in Gujju eh, how about some home work ?

"Chandu ke Chacha ne Chandu Ki Chachi ko Chandi Ki Chamchi se Chutney Chatai"

Q 1 - Translate in Gujarati :D j/k j/k

Hard disc format manje forget karo.

Ab numbers main bhi kuuch likh du so that you think about math courses too ? =))

Sabah said...

Sarcasm was always your baby. I just borrowed it from time to time!

Home work? Who? Me? I am not usually at home, so no home work for me :P (this is clearly the saddest joke of the century but I am not humyum20)

And there is no way I am translating that into Gujju. I cannot even do it in English yet. You seem to have forgotten how abnormally slow I was/am!

Don't even talk about Math. I will put a bullet in your head with a hammer. Some things are forbidden :P

Rohan said...

lol @ borrowed and combined it with anger to launch missiles ! :P

hahah @ no home work, the british were smarter, they named it as 'course work' to not get owned from students like youself :P.

Oh you remember humyum20, I still use it like it was my version of hotmail :D

Oh please you are not even 'S' of slow, you must be the fastest slow I know in that case ;)

Bullet goes into the head with a gun, nail goes into the head with a hammer. tsk tsk, some more classes :P

Forbidden, yeah, wrong muhavaras too :P