Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The day I walk away

The day I will walk away
Will be the day I stay
In your memories I will live and die
But in reality, I wont return
To hear your sorrowful cries

The day I never look back at you
Will be the day I start loving you
For my absence is your prosperity
And my presence will ruin you eventually

The day I pack my bags and leave
Will be the day my heart bleeds
That day is today and the one I leave behind is you
Such a crime I say, all in the name of " I love you"


mubin said...

Your perception about yourself and other people is scary!

Is this poem about love or murdering someone.

However from what I understand from this poem is that it should be used when one is in true deep love but is too scared to accept it/ loose the love of his or her life/ or is bound by some external factors.

Bravo psyco!!!

mubin said...

Believe me, the day you walk away ill believe your great.

Rohan said...
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Extravanza said...

did you write this one?

We as humans always tend to value things more when we lose them.

I related this poem, words to the movie matrix, was watching it the other night and got the same feeling. it was a part that trinity and neo play in the 3rd movie - The Matrix revolution... where she remembers the time she was given a second life by neo and how precious those moments were coz she wanted to convey all her heart's feelings in that little a time... all that she could not say before, do before and make her love realise how precious he was.. what a touching moment.

I related this poem to that one coz I believe that the day i will walk away will be the day i will stay in the hearts of many for i will have conveyed to them how special they are to me and play the role of making me the person I am..

what say?