Sunday, September 21, 2014


Restless, deranged, unoccupied
Any conversation denied
It has finally come to this
And I wonder what to do with it

Wrinkles, here and there
Not 21, there's wear and tear
Is that why it's all falling apart?
I know how it'll end, but where did it start?

Devoid, Empty, Startled, Anxious
Staring at you through my green glasses
Cant understand if you're feeling the same
Don't know if our pain is the same

Running out of words to say
Wings are slashed, legs are giving away
Where is my leash, where is my freedom?
Where is my insanity, where is my kingdom?

Happiness, love, independence, strength
All borrowed from somebody else
Now slipping into a depth-less maze,
Oh what a grand mess your love has made!

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