Sunday, August 30, 2009


(From the heart of inconsistency... that begs for stability )
I say yes today,
and I say no tomorrow
Why am I to be blamed,
when I am not sure?

I feel good about the "yes"
I feel better about the "no"
but i cant help it
I cant put up a show!

I change my mind
a little too often,
Is it too much to take?
Adios then, you are welcome

Hate me or love me
I may care or not
I dont usually feel remorse
but sometimes it hurts a lot

Be with me if you like explosives
but dont tread too far
These are not warning signals,
incase the grapes turn sour

I love you today
and I may not tomorrow
Its not a game I am playin'
and im not askin for more

I am simply inconsistent!
I give no guarantee
Its not really a free ride
but at least, you'd be with me

I can be a sadist
I can be mean
but thats how I am
take it or gladly leave..

1 comment:

Almighty's Guinea Pig !!! said...

you din't inform me about this post, but its gud, and its totally U, unpredictable :P