Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Torn yet whole~~

It lasted still it did not,
I was there and still I was not
I felt all of it,
Yet i am ignorant.

Asking to give me back a day,
Knowing thats impossible to attain
I am inviting myself pain,
I have no one to blame.

It was forever,
Yet its over.
With time, it diminished.
So much for my only wish

You see what you have left?
Only a promise not kept.
You see what you have done?
Left me with no hope, none.

The day a stranger stared back,
I knew we had lost track,
Strangeness we called it, didn't we?
Only a part of destiny.

You came and you left
leaving no sensation to cherish,
When with you, I felt perfection,
Until the moment you changed your direction

Yet I remember you and some words you said,
I am still alive and the memories are not dead.
You were busy following your dreams,
And here, I carved my own destiny...

You seem to have forgotten me,
Yet I think you still remember me,
What you plan is not what you have,
You have a song, you have no rhyme...

Try running from the world,
I know it wont seem absurd,
Try running from yourself,
And you will come back to where you started....


mihirtronics said...

reminds me of my poem "The Fading Green"... a bit of nostalgia attached to this work of yours...!!!

Rehan said...
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Rehan said...

Its awesome !!! Though i was not able to understand its background. Still, i think it's a good work. Keep writing :)